For each advanced fx, you can enable/disable the fx. For some basic fx(Sharpness or B/C/S for example) , you can directly edit the value in the timeline left part.
For more complex fx(Color for example), you have a dedicated editor and you will have a general keyframe for all parameters in the fx.
It’s possible after activation, to blind an fx to compare easily the resultat with and without the fx.


Adjust the sharpness of your media directly in the left part of the timeline.


Adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation directly in the left part of the timeline.


You can adjust the color level on the general color and/or per channel (R/G/B).

Soft crop:

You can crop and do a softness on each border of your media.


You can drag&drop a still image from the media list to have a static mask on your media. it use the alpha channel of your still image mask to change the opacity of your layer media.
If on a pixel you image mask has a zero alpha, you will have a zero alpha on layer media pixel. If the pixel on your mask has full alpha, the pixel on your layer media will stay untouched.


It’s possible to activate a static clipping mask. The coordinate and size is in global preview word. it’s usefull when you don’t want that your media is visible outside an area.


It’s possible to activate a border on the media. You can choose a size for the border and a color. Most of the time, it’s better to use the live mixer to add media on live feed.


It’s possible to activate a warping grid on a media. You can choose the warping grid type: keystone and curve.
To edit the warp, you need to click on the button “warp off” with the media selected, then you can edit the warp grid.


it’s possible to adjust the speed of the media.


It’s possible to create a wipe effect.

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