Version 5.0.1 – May 31, 2023:

Bug fixes:


  • Devices: Added missing range for some devices to receive data (Midi, ADM OSC,…)
  • Fluid 3D node: Removed deprecated input pins
  • Transform node: Fixed anchor point property
  • Wave node: Fixed display in Pixel Mode


  • Variables: Fixed subtask mode “Set value with fade”

Version 5.0.0 – May 25, 2023:


We recommend to use new AMD drivers (Download the correct versions):

  • For Windows 10: 22Q2.2
  • For Windows 7: 20Q1

You need to update the Deltacast drivers to version 6.19.01 (Deltacast Update Procedure).

New features:



  • Media can now be replaced in the Media List panel with a right-click on the media.
  • Media can be imported directly from a drag & drop from Windows Explorer into the Media List panel

Graph Editor:

  • Load/Save text file
  • Load/Save point cloud
  • Parser Array to CSV / CSV to Array
  • New Array type including Nodes to manipulate Array (Transition, merge, filter, add, delete, support in Javascript block)
  • Pipeline 2D calibration + Merge datas 2D (2D LiDAR, TUIO, OSC…)
  • Pipeline 3D calibration + Merge point cloud 3D (3D LiDAR, depth camera)
  • Node Trigger Area from Array
  • Node Timer
  • Node Noise


  • Support of Think Lucid Triton camera


  • 3D simulation: Imperial units support
  • Device: Http Rest support web external address
  • On Air mode: Option to allow audio playback in On Air mode
  • Task: possibility to create a subtask “On Air” On/Off
  • Task: Recall workspace from a task

Bug fixes:

  • Timeline: Memory leak when using animated soft crop

Third party update:

  • NDI V5.5.3: Updated lib
  • Phidget: Updated lib

Update procedure:

Please proceed as follows to update your system:
1 – Log in to the Modulo Pi Customer Area
2 – Click on the product to update
3 – Expand the Software section
4 – Click on the latest software version to download .exe file

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Don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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