For the purpose of this tutorial, we have already prepared a ready-to-use PSD file in the Media kit.

Creating an Output using a PSD file

  • First, delete the existing Output
  • Then in the Output tab click + and select Import from PSD.
  • Select the Cube_Pattern PSD file from the list. This PSD respects a specific nomenclature to be understood by Kinetic Designer (refer to the documentation for more information on creating PSD files).
  • The Output is automatically created in X-Map mode and we see the 3 X-Maps.
  • Set the Curve type of all 3 X-Maps to Keystone.

  • Because we imported a new Output, don’t forget to right-click and select Display on second screen.
  • Warp the 3 cube sides with each X-Maps.
  • Now add a video on the timeline and play it, it should be well set on the three cube sides.

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