As we saw in Chapter 2 talking about media Filtering, In order to replace any V-Node, this V-Node needs to have all the media.
That’s why the we have to set ON for VN04 on all Media Filters :

FILTER name Default X Default Y V-Nodes “ON” V-Nodes “OFF
NW 0 0 VN01, VN04 VN02, VN03
EW 1280 0 VN01, VN04 VN02, VN03
SW 3280 0 VN02, VN04 VN01, VN03
WW 4560 0 VN02, VN04 VN01, VN03
FLOOR 0 2000 VN03, VN04 VN01, VN02
SPEAKERSTV 2000 2000 VN03, VN04 VN01, VN02
  • Add a new VN04 Spare
  • Open the Media list panel and click on any media
  • Click on the Filter tab, then Edit
  • Edit the filters

If you click on the V-Node 04, you can as well check the option case Force all media load, this will send every media to this V-Node while doing an ONLINE.

Tasks to quickly replace a V-Node with the Spare V-Node

  • Open the Tasks panel
  • Add a task Folder named “VNODE
  • Add a new task into it that you name “Spare VN replaces VN01
  • Drag & drop the VN01 from the V-Node panel
  • Select this Subtask then as action select Offline
  • Drag & drop the VN04 and set its action to Fast Replace V-Node then drag & drop the V-Node 04 into the field V-Node in the Editor
  • Now, drag & drop the V-Node 04 into the Subtask area and set a delay of 2s, then select it
  • Set the action to Online

Repeat these steps for V-Node 02 and 03.

Now, we will see how to use these tasks into the user interface we will create in the UI Designer.

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