• Open the Media window
  • Open the XMAP folder then click on + then Media… and select all the XMAP****.PSD

You can add outputs manually or you can import PSD files we prepared to create the Outputs.

  • Select the V-Node and in the Output area click on then PSD import
  • Repeat it for the number of Outputs the V-Node has
  • You can check the Size and Out properties following the following array


If you follow you should be used to do warping with Kinetic Designer, or at least with Modulo Player.

X-Map explanation

In our situation, some outputs need to have different Map portion for warping as the output VN01.1_VP11_NW.
As well, having X-Map enabled will allow us to create new X-Map, to create a mask for a door for example.

  • Select the X-Map named Door MASK, in the Editor go to Advanced > Mask then check the Black mask case

As you probably noticed, 2 outputs are used for Monitoring and 3D Preview, so let’s see how to add and configure it.

Set the Monitoring output

  • Select VN01 and then add an output named VN01.4_Monitoring RS
  • Set its OUT coordinates to the 4th Output meaning x=3840 y=0 and its size to 1280×800
  • Add a Preset
  • Set the layout to 3×3
  • Drag & drop the Render Surfaces RS_Northwall, RS_EastWall, RS_SouthWall, RS_WestWall, RS_Floor, RS_SpeakersTV into it

Set the 3D Preview output

  • Select VN02 and then add an output named VN02.4_Preview 3D
  • Define its MAP coordinates to x=3280 y=0
  • Set its OUT coordinates to the 4th Output meaning x=3840 y=0

We will see in Chapter 6 how to send 3D Preview camera into this V-Node’s output.

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