This node enables you to rename or remove properties in an array and add an offset and/or a multiplier coefficient to all its values.


Click the button in the bottom left of the Editor panel to add a line of remap. Each line of remap will present options to modify a property.

Remap lines can be deleted using the icon.

Renaming a property

The most basic use case would be to rename a property. In this case, type the existing name of the property in the Source and the new name in the Destintation.

You can toggle the Remove Source box if you want the source to be removed from the array. Otherwise the Source property will just be copied into a new property with a new name but containing the same values, which can be useful if you need a new property in your array.

Removing a property

If you use the exact same (case-sensitive) name as a Source and a Destination and if you toggle the Remove Source ON the property will be effectively removed from the array.

Offset and Coefficient

  • The Offset value will be added to all the values of that property in the array (Negative values will of course be subtracted).
  • The Coefficient value will be multiplied with all the values of that property in the array.


Name Type Description
Array Array The array with values to modify


Name Type Description
Array Array The result array with the modifications applied

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