This node is used to compute a 3 dimensional transformation matrix to convert values from an array into a new array composed of meaningful values for a given scenario.

Example of use

Imagine the following setup, where a scene is being monitored by two LIDAR sensors.

To make use of the data coming from the second sensor, it is a lot easier to convert all its values as if it were the continuity of the space monitored by the first sensor. To achieve this, we need to calculate the 3D transformation matrix to apply to automatically convert the values.

To calculate the transformation matrix we need a minimum of 6 reference points (3 for translation, 3 for rotation) that can be chosen in the overlap region where both sensors are monitoring. It is in that region where both sensors will pick up data that can be input in the World Transform node.

Then add the points in the Editor panel by clicking on the Add point button.

The Position init coordinates correspond to the positions as picked up by the LIDAR 2 in our case, and the Position final coordinates correspond to those same positions as picked up by the LIDAR 1.

Once all 6 points have been filled click on the Compute Transform button.

The data from the input array will now be computed using the transformation matrix before being output.

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