Throughout this documentation the following formatting will be used.

Panels and tabs

Kinetic Designer’s interface is composed of a number of panels which regroup the different functionalities of the software.

These panels can be displayed or hidden via the View dropdown menu in the Top Menu.

They will be referred to in the following manner:

Editor panel, Preview panel, etc.

Many panels are often subdivided with tabs which will be referred to in a similar manner:

For example when a V-Node is selected, the Editor panel has the following tabs:
V-Node tab, Output tab and X-Map tab
And the V-Node tab has the following subtabs:
Settings subtab, Audio subtab

Properties, values and defaults

When something is selected, different parameters and properties can be available in the Editor panel for that item.

They will be referred to in the following manner:

  • Property name: Description of the property
    Default: 0.0

Vector values will be noted using the following notation:

Vector 2D value: (3.14 ; 1.59)

File and folder names

Files and folder names in your Windows Explorer will be presented as:


Proper setup for each show

We highly recommend that you create a new project folder for each of your shows on a Data disk/partition, and not on the C:\ drive/partition.

In the project folder, it is good practice to separate the Show files and the Media files in different folders.

At Modulo Pi we use the convention:

  • \Show Folder\01_SHOW\ to store all the Show files (.mop files, subfolders created by Kinetic, etc.)
  • \Show Folder\02_MEDIA\ to store all the Media files

The folders can be organised as you like with subfolders.

To backup your Project folder simply copy all the contents of the root folder to an external hard drive.

Relative file paths

Many items in Kinetic Designer will point to files using a relative file path. The relative path starts from the folder containing the show file (.mop) being run by Kinetic Designer.

The .. at the start of the file path enables you to reach the parent folder. (This is useful to point to a subfolder of your show folder other than your 01_SHOW folder containing your .mop file).

See here for more information on file paths

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